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Gisele Bundchen Is Really, Really On A Boat [PHOTOS]


What is it about Gisele Bundchen on a boat that seems more glamorous than any other bikini model on a boat? Well, the answer to that might also be what makes these pics so interesting. We’re looking at Gisele on a boat while clearly vacationing. That means a few things–like trying really hard not to notice that Gisele is hanging out on an island off the coast of Brazil with her sister and their kids. That could sour a few hot fantasies about yachting around with Gisele Bundchen. Well, we like the idea of Gisele bringing along her sister, but let’s get a nanny for the rugrats and leave them back on shore.

Also, these are the best kinds of candids, since you’re going to enjoy Gisele at her most blissfully unaware. That includes some offbeat pics that are fun, and remind us that the legendary gal known as the “Boobs of Brazil” doesn’t get nearly enough appreciation for an awesome ass. Also, there’s a very special bonus here if you like bigger gals. We’re just saying that you can get a cheap thrill here and still have your pals thinking that you’re looking at hot pics of Gisele Bundchen. You’ll know it when you see it.

Anyway, enjoy these pics, and go over to Gisele’s Instagram account if you want to see her ogling a baby turtle during this trip. She has a much different look than we have when looking over pics of Gisele, so we’re thinking that she doesn’t love turtles as much as we love her. Or maybe she loves them differently. Yeah, we’d hope so. Now see how these pics make you feel…

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