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Free Ice Cream Day at Ben & Jerry’s, So Tell Some Girls… [PHOTOS]


It’s a big day for fans of ice cream, as the Ben & Jerry’s chain celebrates Free Cone Day–which officially celebrate the day that Ben & Jerry’s became an evil corporate conglomerate. That’s okay, though, since you can stroll into your local B&J anytime between noon to 8 PM tonight and score an ice cream cone for free.

Of course, Free Cone Day is always special to us over at COED. This special day marks the true beginning of the spring and summer seasons, which is a magical time when hot girls all over the world are walking around in spring dresses, super short shorts, and–most importantly–lick ice cream cones.

So enjoy the free ice cream today, and start enjoying the free eye candy from now until September. Here’s a reminder of how hot girls can look when enjoying a cold treat–and don’t forget the glory of gals and Popsicles, either…

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