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“Captain America” and “Batman vs. Superman” Will Square Off at the Box Office


superman vs batman vs captain america

Two titans of comic books are squaring up for a showdown that won’t play out in a crossover story or a big screen epic. This fight will take place at the box office as the third Captain America movie and the Batman vs. Superman movie are scheduled to be released on the same day.

Variety reported that Disney and Marvel Studios announced the official release date for the next Captain America movie just a few days after the second movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier raked in the dough at the weekend box office. They boldly announced that the third film would be released on May 6, 2016, the same exact day that Warner Bros. and DC Studios plan to release their big screen version of the Batman vs. Superman epic directed by Watchmen and Man of Steel director Zack Snyder, a release date they moved back from July 17, 2015.

So basically, these two rival factions are gearing up for a good, ol’ fashioned showdown as they wait to see which one will blink. One may change the date just because two storied franchises gearing up for a head-to-head show won’t help anyone but it will be interesting to see who’s going to get the jitters and back down from the fight first. Of course, there is a serious chance now that we could be headed to such a showdown since it would cost some serious money to rearrange a release schedule and re-prepare their PR machines. If such a scenario came to fruition and we had to pick a winner, we’d put our money on the Batman vs. Superman movie winning the weekend. Sure they don’t produce as many movies as the Marvel characters with films like the new Avengers epic on the way and Guardians of the Galaxy in the works but the public’s bound to get burned out and a team-up movie like Batman vs. Superman is more of a historic moment than just another comic book movie sequel.

We realize we risk a huge amount of backlash for basically going against the embodiment of America but we stand by our assertions, even if they might land us in Guantanamo Bay someday as an enemy combatant.

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