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AJ Green Talks “COD: Ghosts Devastation” And Why We Owe Him Money


AJ Green

In honor of the new release of the new Call of Duty: Ghosts “Devastation” DLC (available now on Xbox Live, coming soon to Playstation Network), AJ Green and Lesean McCoy got together to play some COD: Ghosts in the most recent “Grudge Match.” Seeing as how we’re such big gamers ourselves, we got access to the Bengals WR and franchise player and asked him a few questions regarding the Final Four, his shoe collection, and his training.

Somehow, the slick receiver wound up convincing us that we owe him some money. He’s that good. So without further ado, here’s our full interview with AJ Green:

COED: The big news regarding your team involves the recent signing of Safety Danieal Manning. What’s been the reaction of the locker room to that deal?

AJ Green: I think it’s good.He’s good. I think it’s a good addition.

COED: Have you actually played Lesean yet in your Call of Duty Grudge Match or is that coming up?

AJ: It’s coming up yeah.

COED: Word of warning, I saw Lesean at The Madden Bowl here in NYC and he tore it up.

AJ: He cheated me on our last game. The home screen came up and my time ran out.

COED: You were there too?

AJ: Yeah, I was playing against him in the semi-finals.

COED: Ahh my bad. I was watching for a little bit in the beginning but it was asking a whole lot of me to keep watching a bunch of guys play Madden for an hour. I kind of understood where my girlfriend was coming from when she complains about me gaming. 

COED: Moving on, I was checking out your Instagram today I noticed that your shoe game seems pretty solid. What’s your favorite pair?

AJ: Right now probably my red Yeezy’s are the best.

COED: You generally a Jordan guy or you like to spread the love?

AJ: For me, I’m generally a Jordan and Nike guy.

COED: Also on your Instagram, I saw your #WCW is Miranda Brooke. Is that your girlfriend?

AJ: Yeah that’s my fiancee.

COED: How’d you guys meet?

AJ: We met through a mutual friend during college man and we’ve been going on for like six years.

COED: Speaking of long term relationships, I know that there’s been some talks of the Bengals trying to extend your contract. Any updates on that?

AJ: No updates. You know, the biggest thing for me is that option. I’m pretty sure that they’re going to pick it up.

COED: Well if they don’t, they’re stupid. What are some tips you’ve got for your fans or for some kids trying to improve their jumping ability?

AJ: I just do a lot of weighted jumps with dumbbells in the hand. Not too heavy, like 45 pounds.

COED: In each hand?

AJ: Yeah.

COED: I know that you’re a professional athlete but that’s some heavy sh*t. Any favorites in the NCAA Final Four?

AJ: Kentucky, man I love watching the tournament and right now Kentucky’s playing lights out.

COED: Speaking of enjoying watching TV and sports, are you going to watch the upcoming season of Hard Knocks? Or are you done with that completely?

AJ: Oh yeah I’m going to watch it. I’m a big fan.

COED: What was that like to be on that?

AJ: It was cool, man. I’m not really the type of guy who loves to be in front of the camera but I feel like it gives the fans a great inside look at how we prepare for the upcoming season. I think it’s good for the fans.

COED: I’m always curious how the people on the other side of the camera feel.

AJ: Yeah it’s cool.

COED: What kind of Call of Duty gamer are you?

AJ: I’m running and gunning at all times. I don’t have the patience to be sniping.

COED: What do you think of the new Ripper gun?

AJ: Oh yeah. I like it.

COED: How would you suggest using it?

AJ: It’s a mix of the assault rifle and the SMG, and you can use it at close range. That’s why I like it.

COED: Well thanks a lot for talking to us. I picked you in the first round in my fantasy team and I’m happy to say that I’m going to do it again. I won the championship actually [Editor’s note: that’s such a shameless humble brag]).

AJ: Did you win any money?

COED: Yeah I did, actually.

AJ: I want a cut of that.

COED: Well if you stop by our office, it’s all yours. Deal?

AJ: OK thank you. Done.

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