Johnny Manziel Looking For Another Trademark

Johnny Manziel Trademark

Johnny Manziel has made his name very well-known around the sporting world in the last two years. He was already in line to secure a trademark on “Johnny Football,” and now he’s after “The House That Johnny Built”. It just sounded like another thing that Manziel wants to get his hands on before he can start making money off his name at the pro level.

There are going to be questions about all these trademarks, of course, and what they really have to do with Manziel’s future. The Johnny Football trademark is something that he will get at some point sooner than later. There is a company ahead of Manziel in line though for the newest trademark but if Manziel doesn’t approve his name being used by the other company; he will end up with that trademark as well.

There is no doubt that people are on one side or the other with Manziel with no grey area. Fans either love him or hate him. Maybe the next place Manziel plays can be in his own world–that being “The House That Johnny Built.”

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