AJ Lee: Wrestlemania 30's Biggest Diva Stands A Sexy 5'2" [PHOTOS]

The biggest upset in last night’s Wrestlemania 30 was The Undertaker losing to Brock Lesnar–with the WWE denying the wrestling legend an opportunity to retire with a 21-match winning streak. The most predictable bout in last night’s Wrestlemania 30 was AJ Lee winning the Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational. There isn’t a more popular diva than AJ Lee right now, and there was no way that the WWE was going to follow up the Undertaker’s defeat with another surprise loss.
Instead, the petite powerhouse managed to take on 15 other divas. There was some drama as battling sisters Nikki and Brie Bella cleared the ring before having to take on each other, but the final battle ended up between AJ and the battling Naomi. We have some mixed feelings about this. AJ Lee has settled into being the Champion Diva for longer than the WWE usually allows, and we’re thinking that there’s a good reason that the organization trades out the top position. There’s still no denying that AJ Lee is the biggest starlet in the WWE right now–and easily the best spokeswoman around for the wrestling biz.
AJ is also pretty believable as a punk princess. We’ll spare you innocent types the details, but AJ Lee brings back lots of fetishy fun to the kind of guys who watch the WWE for that kind of thing–as opposed to the COED staffers who follow wrestling for the complex storylines. But even enlightened fans like ourselves can’t resist checking out some sexy pics of the only champion who walked out of the ring last night…

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