SNL Highlight: Gals Go After "Dongs All Over The World" [VIDEO]

Anna Kendricks worked out pretty well as a host on Saturday Night Live, and we were impressed on how the budget’s really gone up for the show. That parody of The Little Mermaid must’ve really cost some big bucks. The biggest special effect wasn’t even Anna busting out of her costume. But the biggest buzz still seems to be “Dongs All Over The World”–in which the SNL gals celebrate the idea of stamping their passports while increasing their number of sexual conquests. With dongs. All over the world.
It’s a fun song, and the guest turn by the flight crew is pretty amazing, but we should still note that this clip is probably the best representation of the effect that Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel has had on Saturday Night Live‘s recent years. There were plenty of episodes of The Amanda Show (starring, yeah, Amanda Bynes) that were funnier than SNL back at the turn of the century, and that show really inspired the satire that influenced today’s twentysomething Saturday Night Live staff writers. Turn this into “Guys All Over The World” and change out some naughty words, and it could be a production number in The Kids’ Choice Awards. The teen performers would be dressing the same, too.

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