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Krista Allen on “Hawaii Five-0” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Krista Allen on Hawaii Five-0

(9:00 PM EST, CBS)

It isn’t often that the See Her Tonight column gets to celebrate a true Icon of Softcore Cinema, but we’re looking at a genuine Emmanuelle with Krista Allen guest-starring on tonight’s kinky episode of Hawaii Five-0. Let’s address the kink first, though, since tonight’s episode is about a tycoon killed by a stiletto heel to an eye. That’ll get a lot of fetishists tuning in tonight. Comedy fans will also want to check out Rob Corddry enjoying a working vacation to Hawaii, along with another guest appearance by Jorge Garcia in his recurring role.

And did we mention Krista Allen? Yeah, she’s part of this intriguing episode. A lot of guys have been intrigued by Krista Allen for years now, since the bold brunette made her acting debut as one of the gals who’ve taken on the legendary role of cinematic nymphomaniac Emmanuelle. Krista contributed to the canon by making eight(!) movies under the Emmanuelle umbrella in 1994–including Emmanuelle: Queen of the Galaxy and Emmanuelle 6: One Final Fling.

Krista was just getting started, though. She began a four-year stint on the Days of Our Lives soap opera in 1996, and hit the multiplexes with Jim Carrey in Liar Liar. She played “Busty Woman in Elevator,” and that was the kind of bit part that turned out to be very memorable. Krista then put her bod to work on the final year of Baywatch in the year 2000.

We were happy to see Krista then showing off some fine acting skills in the new century–although she also made a memorable turn with January Jones as a bisexual babe in the hit Adam Sandler comedy Anger Management. She also stole some scenes in the fine indie horror movie Feast. Too bad that The L.A. Complex was quickly canceled in 2012, because Krista was doing some great work there. We certainly expect to be seeing more of her–and you can see plenty of Krista right now…

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