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Jon Hamm Is Having A Big Hair Day [PIC + VIDEO]




Jon Hamm was on a dating show called The Big Date back in 1996–and it’s absolutely hilarious. Because of Jon Hamm’s hair. Although it’s also pretty funny when we hear 25-year-old Jon Hamm describing his perfect first date as “fabulous food, fabulous conversation, with a fabulous foot massage” Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. And then Hamm didn’t get picked by the girl at the end.

And this is all hitting the spotlight after Jon Hamm just shocked the public with his contribution to TV Guide‘s asking the Mad Men cast for behind-the-scenes pics, where we have modern-day Jon Hamm looking like this…

Now we wish that we could get a behind the scenes look at this dating show. Turns out Hamm has not always been such a charmer, after all. That hair, man…

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