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Jena Malone Gets Glittery For A Sexy New Song [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


Hey, don’t go clicking that video just yet–because we need to warn you that this hot new video from Jena Malone (performing in her band persona of The Shoes) isn’t just a gorgeous pop song. You also get The Hunger Games starlet looking very gorgeous and kind of nude while bringing “Dead Rabbit Hopes” to life. Well, she’s technically nude, since Jena Malone matches her ethereal tune with some lovely imagery of herself totally naked. Except for some floral pasties and some strategically-placed petals.

Which means that this video might technically be NSFW, depending upon your office’s tolerance for the amazing work of visual artist Alia Penner. That’s who directed this video, and we also want to give credit to Jena Malone’s musical partner  Lem Jay Ignacio. But obviously the band is taking advantage of having Jena Malone as a visual focus.

“I wanted to talk about a woman’s beauty and sexuality in a way that felt very different from our highly manipulated and sexualized world,” says Jena, and we remember when the world was just beginning to discover Jena’s beauty and sexuality. It was back in 2012 when Jena finally became an unlikely breakout star in the History Channel’s Hatfields & McCoys.

That was back when Jena Malone was still considered to be an offbeat beauty, and was recovering from the box-office disappointment of the heavily-hyped 2011 fantasy Sucker Punch. Jena Malone stole Hatfields & McCoys as a scheming hillbilly who was kind of  like Johanna Mason–that being the role that she’d take over in The Hunger Games franchise.

And now we’re getting some great music from Jena, too, because she’s a genuinely hip gal whose film work can finance plenty of other artistic ambitions. We’d say that The Shoe is up there with other otherworldly musical divas like Kate Bush and (the sadly underheard) Lori Carson. And we’re also happy to remind you that Jena also still loves getting revealing for the camera…

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