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Idiot SUV Driver Meets Karma In Train Form [VIDEO]


First of all, nobody was injured in this accident–which is good, because now we can enjoy seeing an idiot in an SUV get hit by a Metro train in Houston after he decides that railroad crossings don’t really apply to him. The bad news is that the vehicle’s driver (who’s a total creep named Raunel Arreola-Moreno) didn’t get killed. The good news is that the kids in the SUV weren’t hurt, either, but that’s also bad news, because now we have to feel bad for the little tikes who got scared because there was an idiot adult behind the wheel. It’s really hard to fathom what kind of moron would drive like this, but at least the kids all learned a good lesson about never trusting an adult. Especially an idiot named Raunel Arreola-Moreno.

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