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“Blended” Trailer: Adam Sandler! Drew Barrymore! Hooters Gals! [VIDEO]


Excuse us while we audibly groan–but wow, this new Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore movie Blended looks pretty damn awful.

The movie reunites the two once again. They were also in The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates together. We were fans of the The Wedding Singer. Maybe not so much 50 First Dates, but we’ve certainly had to endure a lot worse when it comes to romantic comedies. But in all honesty–and speaking as fans of both Sandler and Barrymore–this new movie just looks godawful. It follows the two as they take a trip to Africa along with their families, and they’re both single parents, and we’re pretty sure that they’re mismatched but  inevitably fall in love at the end. And they can afford African vacations, so life couldn’t have been that bad from the start. This trailer starts off strong, too. You’ll see what we mean, but we also think you’ll join us in feeling your enthusiasm dwindle the more this trailer plods along.

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