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Lady Gaga Took A Selfie With Bill Murray & David Letterman [VIDEO]


Lady Gaga David Letterman Bill Murray Selfie

The last time we checked in with Lady Gaga, she was being puked on during a wild celebration of daring behavior that was sponsored by Doritos. We did enjoy meeting sexy puke gal Millie Brown, though. Anyway, this video is a lot more hip. It’s Lady Gaga (looking, incidentally, very sexy) on The Late Show last night, and helping out David Letterman’s friend Bill Murray by taking a selfie with the internet fave.

Yes, it was a big hot internet event all around, and David Letterman needs more things like that. Jimmy Fallon’s moved The Tonight Show back to New York City, and it’s been a little hard for the veteran CBS host. We were actually wondering how awkward it must’ve been for Denis Leary to head over to Fallon last night. We bet he called up Dave first to explain that’s just how things are.

But don’t forget that Letterman will always have Steve Martin and Bill Murray in his pocket–and Murray stayed around after the selfie bit to help escort the audience over to NYC’s fabulous Roseland, which is about to shut down after several decades of being a glamorous concert hall. Check out the video of Lady Gaga’s two songs here and here. Sadly, she doesn’t keep on the same outfit from the selfie. It’s still a nice glitzy goodbye to Roseland–but, first, here’s thatĀ selfie scene..

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