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Gina Carano Epic Bar Brawl From “IN THE BLOOD”—Hot GIFs, Too [VIDEO]


We’re getting geared up for Gina Carano hitting the big screen hard in In The Blood tomorrow–and you can expect the COED crew to catch an early screening at the AMC Empire 25 in Times Square. Alcohol might be involved, but we won’t be able to sneak in enough to share, so BYOB, okay? Cool. Anyway, we’re hearing that director John Stockwell has brought his best B-movie grindhouse game to this violent actioner about a newlywed tough gal tracking down her missing husband. We’re definitely expecting more of what Stockwell gave us in the underseen epic Cat Run.

Gina Carano, of course, has given out plenty of hell in assorted UFC brawls. She’s also done fake exploitation with artsy director Steven Soderbergh in Haywire, and gone even more mainstream in Fast & Furious 6. As  you can see in the clip above, though, Gina is all anti-heroine as she kicks Danny Trejo’s ass before laying out a few tough guys and would-be tough gals. It’s vicious and bloody and everything we were expecting.

In The Blood is also hitting VOD tomorrow–in case you’re not in a city where it’s playing.We’re looking forward to having a genuine 42nd Street experience, though. We’re also looking forward to another amazing performance from Gina Carano, of course–and you can warm up for that by checking out her moves in these joltin’ Gina GIFs…

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