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Alleged Leaked Nina Agdal Nude Photo Floating Around


There’s an alleged naked photo of Nina Agdal floating around the web right now. I use the word “alleged” because I don’t want to get sued but if this is a doppelganger, that doppelganger is in the wrong business because she’s the best Nina Agdal impersonator I’ve ever seen in my entire life. just posted this image (NSFW link) along with a bunch of different “reader emails” of people who claim to know where the picture came from. The story has small differences (who took the photo, etc.) but two things are all the same. 1) Their friend banged her. 2) Their friend met her in Miami at Ultra. We’ve included a slightly more censored version for you below.


Barstool makes a great point about how Nina doesn’t realistically just go around “banging” people–which I hope to God is true otherwise why do I have a girlfriend–but for now, let’s just review the facts:

I am a Nina Agdal expert. I have never seen this photo before.

• No one would ever take this photo of Nina if this is from a professional shoot. That’s how you get fired and blackballed from ever working again.

• Nina Agdal was in Miami for Ultra this past weekend. She posted a few photos from Miami but those are all deleted now.

• The photo was uploaded to Tumblr three days ago. Which means that the timeline is still in check.

• The photo was then uploaded to Twitter, and then finally to Reddit two days ago.

• Nina Agdal does not look happy to have her picture being taken.

• I love Nina Agdal and will kill whoever took this.

• Yes there are nudes of Nina already in existence but the fact that this was taken with a iPotato makes it kind of cooler.

It’s hard to argue against the facts, but stranger things have happened in the world. If (you hear that lawyers? IF) this photo is real, we have a surprise entry for Best Leaked Nude of 2014.

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