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Tom Cruise Does Another “Top Gun” and This Time, He’s Fighting Robots


top gun

You knew that with all the remakes in the works these days that someone would get around to remaking or doing another installment of Top Gun. You probably also figured that Jerry Bruckheimer would have a hand in it. No one, however, could prepare you for what he has in mind for it.

Bruckheimer confirmed in an interview with the Huffington Post that another Top Gun movie is on his to-do list. He plans to bring  Tom Cruise back as the cocky Air Force pilot Maverick who saves the day by breaking every military rule in the book and then some.  This time, however, he’s pitting him and his taxpayer owned fighter jet against a squadron of drones. That’s right, it’s a movie about Maverick vs. the robots! This sounds like some kind of bizarre mashup movie like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, only less grounded in reality.

Yes, it’s a day and age when military drones are practically replacing the need for Air Force pilots in most of our major skirmishes. However, it doesn’t make a lot of sense when you think about it. Right now, the US has the most military drones of any other nation in the world. So unless Maverick joins the Iranian Air Force in the movie, who exactly will be fighting? We’d rather see something like a rogue Iceman, played by a heavily CGI-ed Val Kilmer, who defects to Russia finally going nose to nose with his training rival. Hell, a robotics enhanced Iceman would be preferable to a squadron of unmanned drones. This better be another April Fools joke.

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