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Shailene Woodley Brings Sideboob To Berlin “Divergent” Premiere [PICS]


Hey, remember how Shailene Woodley used to be a really cool kind of indie actress who was happy to tell the Hollywood Reporter about being bisexual, and once even implied that she’d actually had sex on film with Miles Teller in The Spectacular Now? Yeah. We liked that actress. Now we’re thinking that Shailene Woodley is about to discover glamour and big-studio marketing, though, since she sure poured herself into a very revealing dress (or is it body paint poured on her?) for the Berlin premiere of Divergent.

You know Divergent, right? It’s the latest Young Adult novel that stepped up to become a fantasy film franchise–and did really well, too. In fact, it pretty much made Shailene Woodley a film star overnight. Which is why we now get to enjoy Shailene looking like this as she goes after the international market…

So good work, everybody. We didn’t think Shailene would ever really rock her body except in some kind of Officially Fashionable way. We’re very happy to see Shaline going Hollywood and keeping the cameras promoting Divergent–which isn’t a very good movie, but at least it’ll let Shailene afford making her next batch of indie movies that’ll get her some IFC Spirit nominations. And, to be fair, Shailene did take the time to do some sexy posing in the past. Let’s enjoy that now while looking forward to Shailene’s future…

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