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Natalie Boras Should Be On Your Radar [PHOTOS]


Natalie Boras is a gorgeous American model who should be on your radar. If you know anything about American sports, the last name Boras might sound familiar to you. He’s pretty much the biggest sports agent in terms of MLB. And Natalie is his daughter. Which means that she’s hot and well-connected. We don’t unfortunately know who the mom is at the moment but I’m sure that news will come out eventually. For now, let’s just bask in the awesomeness that is Natalie.

She’s currently a resident of NYC (score) and runs a small sample store but she’s jetsetting around the country doing work for a bunch of different cool brands. Most recently it looks like she shot for Triangle Swimwear, which has been worn by a lot of the women you’ve seen on the site here. They’ve got good taste, clearly.

Age: 26 | Nationality: USA

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