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Kate Upton Busts Out At “The Other Woman” Premiere In Amsterdam [PICS]


We were just talking about how the only event bigger than 4/20 this April is the 4/25 debut of Kate Upton on the big screen in The Other Woman–and it looks like both of our passions were combined when the upcoming comedy had its debut in Amsterdam. We often wish that we were in Amsterdam, but we really, really wish that we were there last night.

That’s partly because Kate Upton took our fashion advice–you know, from that dream we had where Kate Upton said, “Hey, what should I wear to the premiere of my new movie The Other Woman?” We took a break from counting our millions and said, “It would be really nice if you take a shower right before the premiere and then wrapp a towel around yourself and go off to the premiere just like that so those poor suckers who work for COED would get a cheap thrill.”

And that’s what happened! Kind of, except for the part that we’re here at the COED offices and wishing that we had been in Amsterdam. But we got a great clip from the The Other Woman yesterday, and these hot pics of Kate baring her bod on the red carpet–and, hey, looks like we have some other really great pics of Kate to share, if you don’t want to jump right ahead to our amazing GIFs of Kate running on the beach in The Other Woman, or maybe GIFs of Kate in space. But first check out these amazing early pics of Kate Upton before she was famous–and showing up in our dreams…

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