Stephen Colbert Responded to the #CancelColbert Controversy [VIDEO]


In case you missed it, a bunch of earnest Twitters were calling for the cancellation last week of The Colbert Report in the wake of an allegedly racist tweet–which was really a Comedy Central staffer posting a Twitter on the Colbert Report’s official Twitter feed that went straight to the punchline, and skipped the long set-up. It looked like this…

Yeah, that looked pretty bad. Except that Colbert was goofing on how the owner of the Washington Redskins was reacting to protest against the baseball team’s allegedly racist name by forming a foundation to benefit Native Americans–which includes the name of the Washington Redskins. Get it?

A lot of people on Twitter did not, and there was outrage from Asian activists because some dolt at Comedy Central had selected just a few words and taken them completely out of context. Which is something that Stephen Colbert does all the time for cheap laughs. At least the satirist was able to get some laughs himself as he neatly defused the near-controversy (that, honestly, never took off because Stephen Colbert isn’t going to be attacked by anyone on the Left).

Anyway, take a look for yourself, and let’s really hope that somebody at Comedy Central got fired over dragging poor Stephen Colbert into this whole mess. Seriously, you can’t work shows like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report without knowing how to avoid the land mines…

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