Bar Refaeli Goes From Kissing Nerds To Sex With Muppets [GIFS + VIDEO]

We knew that Bar Rafaeli couldn’t kiss a nerd during a Super Bowl commercial and go back to losers like Leonardo DiCaprio. A lot of supermodels underestimate the appeal of us nerds until they come over to the Nerd Side. Then there’s no going back. And as you can see in the clip above, Bar Rafaeli is chasing after new thrills by bedding a Muppet. Specifically, that’s a muppet named Red Orbach, who’s pretty big in Israel as the leader of Red Band, who do weird versions of everything from classic rock to lite schlock.

Now we have Bar Rafaeli embroiled in controversy as this sexy spot for the Hoodies fashion line┬ácombines the twin endorsements of Red and Bar–and another Bar, plus yet another Bar as Red Orbach indulges himself in some serious fantasy. You’ll be doing the same after you check out this ad that has certain folks in Israel pretty upset. But that must only be because this spot is airing on network television there. It can’t be that anyone’s offended by Bar. Hey, just check out all of these wholesome GIFs (and you might want to peruse some Bar pics, too)…

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