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The Hottest Women Of Ultra Music Festival 2014 [PHOTOS]


Update: Check out this year’s edition of “Hottest Women of Ultra here.”

Ultra Music Festival 2014 proved once again why its America’s biggest and most popular electronic music festival–it’s got the biggest acts, the best live stream, the biggest crowds, and some of the best looking women you’re likely to see at a sweaty dance festival. Seriously, where do these chicks come from?

The answer to that question is “all over the world,” as you can tell from all the different flags that bikini-clad (or pastie-clad) women are holding up. And while we missed Ultra for the first time in a few years, one thing we wouldn’t miss for the world is our recap of some of the hottest and best-looking women to get their party on at Ultra Music Festival. It’s a time-honored tradition as you can see below:

The Hottest Women of Ultra 2013 (Weekend 1 | Weekend 2) / Ultra 2012 

So if you’re like us and missed one of the biggest parties of the year, we’ve got the hottest recap on the web below.

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George Martinez
Michael Ton

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