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Paulina Gretzky Still Rocks Her Instagram Account [22 PHOTOS]


You know, it’s been a while since we’ve checked in on Paulina Gretzky and the Instagram account of Wayne Gretzky’s own legendary partying daughter, so why don’t we just check back in and–God in Heaven, that looks like a real-life version of Courtney Stoddard! Which is to say that we’re very happy to report that Paulina Gretzky hasn’t been totally neglecting her social media over the past few months. We’re even happier to say that Paulina hasn’t shied away from posing in bikinis or other tight-fitting clothing. Actually, we’re pretty much ecstatic over that one.

But we will say that Paulina Gretzky has stepped away from being the wild-partying maniac that she used to be. That was back when Wayne was probably regretting ever giving a digital camera to his increasingly erratic daughter. But that was long ago, and Paulina seems to be settling down as she reaches the ripe old age of 25. Now she seems downright mature (but still bratty) as Paulina posts pictures of het jet-setting life with her pro-golfer fiancé Dustin Johnson.

Besides, she wentall legit with last year’s December cover of Maxim–but we’re still willing to look back when Paulina was posting some of the sexiest Twitpics around, and keeping her Instagram account sizzling by 2012. But we mostly checked in on her via paparazzi this year, most recently while admiring Paulina’s fine form in a bikini.

We still spiced up that gallery with some other vintage shots of the hockey scion in swimwear. Now let’s catch up with Paulina’s last year on Instagram–which isn’t as packed full of pics as in the old days, but what’s there is pretty amazing…

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