Miranda Kerr Strips For UK GQ, Orlando Bloom on Suicide Watch [PICS]


So if you buy the latest issue of the British edition of GQ and undo the fold-out cover–well, this is what you’re going to see, and we’re a little concerned that there’s no kind of Content Warning, because Miranda Kerr really is practically naked in this thing. And by “practically naked,” it means we’re practically on a plane out to buy our own copy, because the newsstands in Manhattan are suggesting that we might have to wait an entire extra 12 hours before we can get our own hands on the latest copy of the British edition of GQ. Which, as noted, has Miranda Kerr looking like this…

Some people are actually looking at these pics and debating if they’re a sign that Miranda Kerr has had her breasts enhanced in the wake of her impending divorce from Orlando Bloom–who seems to have once been an actor or something, but we don’t really remember. Wait, was he in the those Hobbit movies? Well, the guy is clearly too short for a statuesque beauty like Miranda Kerr. That explains that.

Miranda Kerr UK GQ 4

Anyway, the new issue of GQ looks set to move plenty of units and cause the death of plenty of trees. And not just because there’s an interview with Kermit the Frog in the same issue. That reminds us that Miranda talks to GQ, too, and we’re really not too surprised at what she has to say…

“I still get chatted up a lot,” says the newly-single gal to GQ journalist Jonathan Heaf. “I’ve had some crazy, ridiculous proposals–stuff that you wouldn’t even see in the movies.” Yeah. That’s probably to be expected, but there are certain kinds of movies where you can see the stuff that we dream of when we have that dream where Miranda Kerr accepts our proposals. We will not link to the sites that show those kinds of movies–but we will serve up some bonus pics of Miranda modeling for Victoria’s Secret, which you’ll want to check out after enjoying the latest fine offerings over at GQ. Or maybe after. That might happen…

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