Jessica Szohr Turns 29, Here’s Her 36 Sexiest Pics… [PHOTOS]

You’ll have to remind us why Jessica Szohr isn’t a movie star–but we sure don’t have to remind you about the gal who made Gossip Girl a sensation. The striking brunette gave lots of young guys a fixation as she vamped away for The CW and stole scenes from Blake Lively and Leighton Meester in her role of Vanessa Abrams. Then the industry took notice that Jessica Szohr was ditching the show (along with Taylor Momsen) in the fifth season, and that was pretty good timing.

By then, Jessica had already appeared in some of the most important movies in film history–by which we mean Fired Up! and Piranha 3D. The first one is a classic (but underseen) cheerleader comedy, and the latter gave guys the sight of Jessica Zhohr as an aspiring Girl Gone Too Wild in a bikini in 3D.

Jessica sure seemed set for stardom to us–although we were a little prejudiced, since she’d actually taken the time to give us a personalized message during her sizzling SoBe Lifewater photo shoot. We keep a picture in our wallet–here it is…

Jessica looks a lot sexier when she isn’t hiding her body behind a sign, of course. We should note that Jessica also has some sharp acting skills, and she’s shown them off in smart indies like Love Bite and Art Machine. Sadly, her most prominent big-screen role lately was in last year’s The Apprenticeship, which bombed as an attempt to bring back Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson as a comedy team.

Jessica sure made us nostalgic for Gossip Girl, though–and we’re celebrating her 29th birthday (that being today, March 31, 2014) with our favorite pics. She’s not standing behind a sign in most of them. In fact, we have lots of great pics of Jessica in all of her glory, which includes pics of her lesbian liplock with Hilary Duff on Gossip Girl. Yeah. There’s another reminder that we’re looking back at a gal who was a major figure in adolescence of lotsa young men…

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