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Summer Rae on “Total Divas” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Summer Rae on Total Divas

(9:00 PM EST, E!)

It seems that your See Her Tonight column has been distracted by so much quality television on Sunday nights that we’ve been neglecting the most important reality series in the history of television–that being Total Divas on the E! network. We’re now in the second season of this look at the Wild Women of the WWE. We’ve been loyally tuning in, too, since the series still features COED faves like the bombastic Bella Twins and the phenomenally sexy Funkadactyls.

And this new season has added the sensational Summer Rae–who seems to mostly be thrown into the soap-opera setting to stir things up with the other gals. Tonight, for example, has Summer flirting with Brie Bella’s boyfriend for some classically contrived reality-show drama. She’s a relative rookie, but Summer is already a real fan favorite as one of the WWE’s more traditional blonde beauties. She started out as part of the Florida Championship Wrestling farm team, and quickly moved up the ranks from color commentator to brawling babe.

Summer’s also done some dance-offs, which is just a little reminder of what the WWE is up to nowadays. The important thing is that Summer was part of a seven-on-seven tag-team brawl that had her team taking on (and losing to) the Total Divas cast, so that set up the rivalry that’s continuing this season. Now check out these pics that’ll get you tuning in for what we can only hope leads to some epic reality-show catfights…

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Amazing “See Her Tonight” Gals!

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