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SNL Highlight: “HealthCare.Gov” State-Sponsored Satire [VIDEO]


SNL Health Care Highlight

Last night’s Saturday Night Live wasn’t anything too legendary–which meant that it was disappointing, since we had Louis C.K. as host. At least it managed a memorable intro. The cold opening was essentially a public-service announcement¬†for young people needing to sign up to by the end of March. In the process, we got a look at how the SNL writers had to carefully balance comedy with a pro-White House message. The answer was to keep plugging while throwing in the usual SNL impersonations (daringly aimed at folks like Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber) and making things increasingly absurd while doing the government’s bidding.

Politics aside, the entire sketch is pretty depressing. We can expect to see a lot of this happening, too, since Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett has been busy putting Hollywood to work for her. There are some decent gags here, but this is really mostly a historical sketch–because it’s really hard to believe that Lorne Michaels didn’t have somebody from the White House officially approving this one…

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