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Woman Who Won The Week: Kim Kardashian [PHOTOS]


As you’ve probably heard, Kim Kardashian was on the cover of Vogue along with Kanye West.

The cover caused quite a stir. Some people believed that Vogue tarnished its brand because Anna Wintour finally relented to Kanye’s constant requests to have Kim on the cover. Some people were furious that people were furious about Kim being on the cover. Some people were incredibly vocal about how they did not care at all.

With so many people dying to express how much they liked, didn’t like or didn’t care about the cover, it would be hard to argue that the cover wasn’t a success. Although we have no data to back this up, we would bet that it’s one of the most discussed Vogue covers ever. Whatever you think about Kim Kardashian, there is one thing that all critics can agree on: Kim has a nice butt.

  • COED Writer