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Katherine Webb & A.J. McCarron Engaged! We’ll Just Look At Her Pics…


Katherine Webb and her boyfriend A.J. McCarron–that being the noted University of Alabama quarterback–are engaged to be married! And it seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating the couple breaking up and Katherine Webb being back on the market for noted University of Alabama rejects like the COED staff. In fact, it was September 20th, 2013, which will now be noted as a day of infamy due to A.J. McCarron getting the last laugh on us. For, verily, Katherine Webb announced the allegedly happy news of her upcoming marriage via her Twitter account. Which we’re linking to, even though it seems to mostly exist to mock us now.

At least we can note that Katherine Webb and A.J. McCarron took the time to join AXE Peace in their #KissForPeace campaign, and we’ll go ahead and note that this is the last weekend to join AXE Peace and COED in our contest to win tickets and hotel accommodations to see the March Madness Final Four play out in Texas. Hey, you could win the thing and then maybe have a reason to live, which would put you one up on us, because Katherine Webb and her boyfriend A.J. McCarron are engaged to be married. Wait, we mentioned that, right? Sorry. We’re just trying to work through some issues here.

Anyway, this is probably going to be even harder on Brent Musberger–who famously catapulted Katherine into the spotlight by going gaga over her during his commentary over a college football game. Take a look at these pics and give Mr. Musberger some credit for having a real eye for talent. And congrats to the happy couple, we guess…

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