Susie Abromeit on “Rake” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Susie Abromeit on Rake

(8:00 PM EST, FOX)

Yes, your See Her Tonight column has talked about Susie Abromeit before–most recently when she showed up on an episode of Supernatural in an episode about murders amongst a church chastity group. We hated the idea of Susie Abromeit in a church chastity group, but loved the idea of Susie joining the Supernatural ranks of lovely guest stars like Kacey RohlCharisma Carpenter, Amanda Tapping, and Felicia Day.

And now we get Susie in an episode of FOX’s struggling legal comedy/drama Rake–which has already provided us gorgeous guests such as Chasty Ballesteros and sexy stuntwoman London Elise Moore. Tonight’s episode is titled “50 Shades of Gay,” and you know that immediately got us thinking up a dream plot for Susie’s star power. We doubt that dream will come true tonight, but it’s always some fantasy fulfillment when Susie shows up in our living rooms. We’ve been big fans ever since she busted out in the underseen 2008 comedy Sex Drive–which was back when we thought she was merely some moonlighting model.

In truth, Susie is an athletic babe who played on the Duke University tennis team while also graduating with honors. We’re hoping that Hollywood will be smart enough to catch on to her mix of blonde beauty and tough-gal presence in time for the oft-rumored all-femme Expendabelles. We’re not getting enough of Susie on the big screen. She hasn’t really had a proper date at the multiplexes since 2011’s Battle Los Angeles.

We’ll still be tuning in tonight, and following Susie’s busy career via her Twitter account. Right now, though, check out some exhaustingly hot pics of a gal who’s way hotter than your average actress/model/athlete/scholar…

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