Siskel & Ebert: Dead Film Critics Sell ’80s Tech in Old IBM Ad [VIDEO]

Please enjoy this extremely dated footage of film critics Siskel & Ebert imagining a world in which everyone has access to amazing technology–aka the world in which we now live. You get to hear gems like: “Imagine sitting down in front of your PC at home or work being able to access….just about any information you need.” Wow, Roger Ebert, we can only imagine such a world. What if you could do all that–on something as big as your hand? Now that would be crazy!

There’s also an amazing part when Siskel says, “Now you’ve actually turned me on with your last suggestion…” Let’s just say we hope sh*t got weird after that. Anyway, it’s a fun look back how IBM attempted to find two very friendly faces to help prepare the world for the wonders of ’80s technology. This is also a sad reminder that neither of these guys are around to enjoy the wonders of things like Google Glass that can make you look like Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

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