Rifftrax Dives Into “Sharknado” For Their Next Live Show [VIDEO]

Rifftrax–the comedy duo that no movie is safe from–has announced they will take on the mighty Sharknado as part of their next live performance.

Rifftrax features Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy (aka the guys who brought us Mystery Science Theater 3000) announced their plans to tackle the insanely popular SyFy movie starring Ian Ziering and Tara Reid (still sexy, damn it) on their YouTube channel. The event will be screened live on movie theaters across the nation through Fathom Events on July 10th and will be re-broadcast on July 15th. Tickets for both dates are scheduled to go on sale on May 2nd, according to the Rifftrax Facebook page.

Anyone who is familiar with Sharknado and Rifftrax knows that this is a perfect marriage of bad cinema and top-notch movie riffing. It’s got all of the things that make for a perfect Rifftrax target. Primarily, formerly-famous stars reduced to subpar roles in B-grade movies with ridiculous premises that a third-grader could debunk.

In fact, SyFy has a ton of these B-grade schlockfests that Rifftrax could easily tear to ribbons. It’s a shame their show isn’t on SyFy anymore. The network has so many of these movies that they could have stayed on the air until the end of time. Then again, they probably didn’t want Mike and the robots verbally abusing their signature series of schlock cinema. It’s probably not a coincidence that SyFy cancelled MST3K right around the time that they started airing movies like Mega Piranha, Sharktopus and Mongolian Death Worm. After all, ponder how Rifftrax can improve on this….

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