Happy Something on a Stick Day! Here's Girls Eating Corn Dogs… [PICS]

March 28th is one of COED’s favorite holidays: Something on a Stick Day! It’s a glorious day where we celebrate anything that comes on a stick. Our diet there is mostly popsicles, cotton candy, lollipops, and whatever that meat is that they’re serving out of the carts of New York City. And our personal favorite is the oh-so-delicious corn dog. Perhaps it has something to do with our love for  babes sucking back beer bongs or ladies catching things with their mouths--in that girls eating corn dogs goes down as one of the simpler SFW pleasures in life.
Now enjoy this photo gallery that’s stuffed full of females eating corn dogs in various locations–and get ready for more of this kind of thing, because summer is just around the corner…

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