The Definitive Collection Of Nina Agdal Handbras [PHOTOS]

Nina Agdal‘s hand bras have never been compiled into a definitive collection… until now. Seriously. No one’s done it. Isn’t that weird? We think so too, especially after Nina’s affinity for hand bras came to light when she posed for Editorialist Magazine grabbing her boob like so.

Nina Agdal (24)

But even before Editorialist, Nina was showing off her hand bra skills in places like Esquire, Euroman, at the beach, and of course in The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (the same publication we declared Nina Unofficial Rookie of the Year back in 2012).

So we can’t put the blame on anyone else but ourselves. We’ve been huge Nina Agdal fans since Day 1, having published her hottest GIFs, hottest Twitpics, hottest Instagram videos, the list goes on and on. It’s actually kind of embarrassing we didn’t think to compile her hand bras until today.

But like a bumper sticker once told me, “Be the change you want to see.” So here they are, every single one of Nina Agdal’s handbras available on the web.

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