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Stuff The Intern Forgot: Tom Crean Is Everywhere, & More… [LINKS]


crean extra mustard

Coach Tom Crean’s Baffled Face Get Some Baffling Photoshop

You don’t have to be following March Madness to get a kick out of Indiana Hoosiers coach Tom Crean–who managed to look pretty stunned after his team was eliminated in the vicious NCAA competition. Fortunately, the fine folks of Extra Mustard are making sure that everyone knows that Crean’s confused expression has been immortalized by all kind of internet wiseacres who’ve Photoshopped Crean into plenty of amazing pics.

Yeah, it’s pretty great–and there are even more amazing things that our intern managed to forget about before disappearing to wherever he goes at 5:01 pm…

zac efron tmz

Hey, Zac Efron, like, totally saved his bodyguard’s life last night [TMZ]

Maxim Vikings

There’s a lot more to Vikings than what you learn on TV [Maxim]

Dream Pads Chive

Some houses are better houses than other houses [The Chive]

Photoshop Battles Mandatory

Photoshop Battles pretty much make the internet matter [Mandatory]

Mark Cuban NBA tanking

Mark Cuban is convinced that NBA teams are tanking on purpose [Fox Sports]

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