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Lais Ribeiro Really Wants You To Buy Victoria’s Secret Lingerie [PICS]


You know what we like about Lais Ribeiro? She proves that Brazilian models can do a lot more than just pose in bikinis. Consider what a fine job she does modeling some lingerie for Victoria’s Secret. These new pics definitely show a nice range–and a great look at one of the more neglected bods in the Victoria’s Secret universe. We were really happy to see her show up backstage at the last Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in some amazingĀ pics, but it’s been way too long since we’ve really showcased this exotic beauty’s…um, beauty.

That was particularly inspiring since Lais Ribeiro was supposed to be in the 2012 Victoria’s Secret show, and sprained her ankle and couldn’t walk on the runway. We remember the flags flying at half-mast on that awful day. Lais came back with an amazing run in 2013, though, and you can see that she managed to keep nice and toned while recovering from her injury. Take a look for yourself, and let’s all do what we helpĀ this 23-year-old become an even bigger name in the lingerie biz. She’s already a whole year older than Nina Agdal

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