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Jessica Vargas Should Be On Your Radar [PHOTOS]


Jessica Vargas is a sexy American model who should be on your radar. This California native has been in the modeling world for a little while now but just recently came across our own radar after we saw her shoot for (Moose Unlimited)–an online “lifestyle” clothing shop. Their gear is no doubt nice but we were a little too preoccupied trying to find out more about Jessica to buy anything.

Unfortunately we didn’t come up with much other than the fact that she’s shot with Rey Trajano, has a trigger finger of her own, and takes private jets with Michael Jordan (the young actor, not His Airness). And of course, she lives out in California. WILL ONE OF THESE HOT CALI CHICKS PLEASE MOVE OUT TO NYC FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST COME ON!

Ok, rant over. Let’s calm down by looking at her photos.

Nationality: USA

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