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Adriana Lima Goes Topless (And Bottomless) For Interview [PHOTOS]


We started our day with a See Her Tonight gal who did a great parody of Adriana Lima. Now it’s time to move on to the real thing–and we’re very moved by Adriana Lima in the new German edition of Interview magazine. It’s a fascinating Interview interview where Adriana informs us, “Ich glaube, dass Leute die in unserer Gegenwart wirklich erfolgreich werden, wissen, wie man eine Verbindung zu Menschen aufnimmt.” We have no idea what that means.

We can, however, speak fluent Adriana Lima, and her body language in these pics are telling us that the former Sports Illustrated cover gal is pretty uninhibited when it comes to foreign editions of Interview magazine. Check out these amazing images, and then enjoy even more of Adriana Lima in color–like sexy shots of Adriana before she was famous, or wild Adriana photos from Garage magazine, or just some general hot Adriana Lima pics. But, yeah, we understand if you need to translate these shots first…

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