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20 Days Of Spring Break: Vines And Videos From PCB


We’ve been looking at photos coming out of Spring Break for some time, but in an effort to change it up for today’s “20 Days of Spring Break” we’ll be looking at some of the best vines and Instagram videos coming out PCB. Why PCB? Because every single time I check hashtags coming out of that delicious Hellhole I see the most live group of Spring Breakers I’ve ever seen.

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So let’s take a look at what Spring Break is really like:

1. If you see a chick with a tattoo like this on her side, she’ll probably grind on you. Just ask nicely first.

2. Big ole butt

3. She had nobody to help her get home.

4. Cocaine off a stripper’s tit is one thing, rolling a blunt on a white boy’s back is something brand new I’ve never seen before.

5. And then we have what I’m calling “The progression of a man who might be a little too old for Spring Break.” At first, we see him having a grand old time with two ladies “Doing it for the vine.”

Then we see that he’s maybe bitten off more than he can chew.

And finally, he learns he flew maybe just a bit too close to the sun.

6. Gotta give shoutouts to bootyshaking contests.

7. The circle of life at The Holiday Inn. First you get drunk, then “The Circle of Life” plays, then you wake up.

8. And more booty shaking.

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