Tennis Star Mandy Minella Can Model Her Own Clothing Line [49 PICS]

Mandy Minella 1

Our favorite tennis-playing Lady of Luxembourg is branching out as Mandy Minella starts her own clothing line–and a few people would say that’s a better use of her time. That’s because Mandy Minella is usually up there with Maria Sharapova as female tennis stars who are more known for their hot figures than their fine form. She sure made our lists of The Hottest Women of Wimbledon last year. Now we have Mandy displaying all of her talents, with the 28-year-old modeling fashion designs that sure flatter the body of Mandy Minella.

Mandy Minella 2

Mandy has had plenty of time to get ready to roll out her new kollektion for the Bekleidung & Schuhe brand. She’s been having a pretty lousy 2014, with Mandy sitting out plenty of tournaments with an injury. She was already limping through the year with major losses all through Australia. She didn’t have any better luck this year in Miami.

Mandy Minella 3

But as you can see, Mandy Minella still seems to be in great spirits. That’s probably because she doesn’t have to hire a bunch of fashion models to show off her clothes. We’re certainly sold on how great Mandy’s clothes look on her fine body. We can’t even tell which one of her arms is injured–although we’ll entertain some fantasies about being her personal trainer and full-time masseur. Anyway, it’s entirely possible that ladies can’t buy Bekleidung & Schuhe products, anyway. Fortunately, Mandy can be admired anywhere, and we recommend starting right here…

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