Nina Agdal Is 22 Years Old: Good Excuse For 100 Sexy Pics [PHOTOS]

Nina Agdal is turning 22 years old today–that being this Day of Our Good Lord! March 26, 2014–as one of the world’s most popular bikini models–and it was just a few years ago that we were complaining that she wasn’t getting nearly enough attention. The world caught up with us. And we’ve never been happier to be part of the masses, since Nina Agdal has one of the world’s most amazing asses. We’re thinking that we’d be huge fans of Nina even if we’d never seen her face. In fact, we kind of like the idea of a mystery model like that.

But that gal shouldn’t be Nina, because we also like the amazing expressions that this great Dane makes for the camera. Nina’s actually kind of still neglected as one of the sexiest models out there even when she’s out of a bikini. Well, we know that Nina would look really sexy out of a bikini, but what we’re really saying is that the former Sports Illustrated Rookie of the Year doesn’t get enough credit for looking incredibly sexy even when she’s fully clothed. Nina has some of the most expressive eyes in the business, and it’s a little frustrating that more daring photographers don’t think to use the Victoria’s Secret model for some wilder photo shoots. Nina would be amazing in those.

We doubt that Nina’s complaining, though. She’s turning 22 in the wake of an amazing Carl’s Jr. commercial–putting her up there with Kate Upton as our country’s hottest young models–and she’s never been more in demand after just making the cover of this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. So let’s celebrate with 100 amazing pics of Nina in all of her different poses. We promise you won’t be disappointed in Nina out of a bikini. Well,  you know what we mean…

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