Jessica De Gouw on “Arrow” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

See Her Tonight

Jessica De Gouw on Arrow

(8:00 PM EST, The CW)

We’re not saying that the See Her Tonight column is on the constant watch for hot catfights on television, but we might be more than a little excited to announce that tonights episode of Arrow features the return of Jessica De Gouw as The Huntress, who takes a bunch of hostages and gets the Canary–played by Caity Lotz–to take her on in what The CW is billing as an “epic confrontation.” Which we’re pretty sure means that they end up stripping off each other’s leather outfits before falling into a vat of jello and going at it before the whole things ends with one of them pinned down and…

Well, we’re pretty sure that our idea of “epic” might not really be allowed on The CW. Especially with an 8 pm time slot. The important thing here is that we have Jessica De Gouw back as The Huntress, and that’ll make for a nice change from her recent stint on NBC’s Dracula, where she’s mostly let Katie McGrath be the sex symbol, even though the ads for Dracula keep implying that Jessica’s character is going to be doing some lesbian necking.

Anyway, we’re very happy to have Jessica back on Arrow, even if the epic catfight is fit for all ages. We can’t help but notice that Jessica has been keeping her photo shoots really SFW, as well, but we’ve put together a whole new gallery that’ll remind you why she keeps us tuning in to her in any role–although Dracula wouldn’t have its future in doubt if they’d really come through on the promise of those ads…

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