Hannah Davis Just Sold Us On Luli Fama Bikinis [PHOTOS]

Wondering what bikini to buy your girlfriend for the summer that might never arrive? We’re getting warmed up over the idea of the Luli Fama line, courtesy of Hannah Davis–who sure fills out the fabric nicely in this latest photo shoot. Of course, we’ve been filling our head with thoughts of Hannah for a long time. We followed her dodging WAGdom by ditching Derek Jeter, and celebrated her pioneering underboob as she beautified the Jersey Shore for the this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

And we tried to show less of Nina Agdal in a bikini while celebrating her birthday with 100 sexy pics, so it’s great to have a proper bikini model like Hannah putting her body on display. These are some amazing pics of Hannah’s otherworldly bod. In fact, they’re so amazing that we’ve pondered if there wasn’t some CGI going on here. We don’t mean Photoshopping, but some real studio trickery. We can still assure you that Hanna Davis’ bod is still 100% real, though.

Sadly, that’s from secondhand research, but we’re always working on getting closer to the subject. Now join us on an excursion in some very careful surveying of Hannah’s heavenly territory…

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