Girls Gone Too Wild Wednesday: March 26th

Drunk girl

Spring Break continues on even as it gets chilly (again) at the COED offices–and we’re planning to keep warm with plenty of hot pics of partying gals. We’re pretty thrilled to announce that Girls Gone Too Wild remains a never-ending story. The ladies are cavorting around like never before. We also can’t ignore that they’re whipping out plenty of whipped cream for Spring Break. Next year, we’re going to hit the beaches of our favorite Trashiest Spring Break Destinations and set up some Whipped Cream Stands to keep the vacationing vixens happy. We’ll even offer to apply the stuff personally at bargain prices.

Anyway, brace yourself for Girls Gone Too Wilder than ever before. They’re taking our urinals and flipping us the bird and passing out in pretty much every way imaginable. And is there a lot of lovely lesbian action? Yes, the Girls have Gone Too Wild in all kinds of girl/girl ways that have us so offended that we’re going to carefully examine these pics to make sure that we can’t possibly be more offended…

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