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Google Glass Is Trying To Go Undercover As Ray-Bans


google glass

Google Glass may be a revolutionary way to surf for information and relate it to the world around you but it’s still a bulky pair of goggles that lets the world know you think you’re better than them because you’re wearing a computer. A new partnership with a major spectacles manufacturer may change all that.

Google and Luxottica, the world’s largest conglomerate of glasses and sunglasses, announced they are working on a design for a pair of glasses that look and feel more natural to wear that can also carry the capabilities and features of a pair of Google Glass. Luxottica, the owner of basically every major glasses and sunglasses brand in the known universe, did not disclose a timeline or due date except that they would work with Google to offer a pair of glasses that look more like a normal pair of glasses and sunglasses.

If you haven’t had the privilege of using Google Glass, it’s basically a computer monitor that you wear on your head. It wireless attaches to your cell phone and delivers email and information from the Internet straight to their eyeballs. It can also record video from the glasses and upload them to YouTube.

It’s actually a wonder that Google didn’t try to do this from the start. Sure they are a tech company and making sure that all of Glass’s bells and whistles work and that they have real world applications should be their first priority but they still look like something worn by a Tron cosplayer on a budget.

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