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Big Kahuna Burgers Remain Fake, But Here’s A Real Commercial [VIDEO]


Big Kahuna Burgers TV Commercial

Robert Rodriguez has launched his El Rey Network with the TV adaptation of From Dusk Till Dawn. We’d think that  lot of people would have tuned in just to check out the amazingly hot Eiza Gonzalez, but the Desperado director is also promoting his new series with a little viral video. It’s a tasty-looking video, too, as we can all enjoy an actual commercial for the (sadly) fictional Big Kahuna Burger.

Big Kahuna Burger, of course, has appeared in multiple Quentin Tarantino films–but you probably recognize it from the iconic scene in Pulp Fiction, when Samuel L. Jackson notes that the chain sure does make a tasty burger. Hey, it turns out that the Pulp Fiction script was actually quoting the restaurant’s slogan! And this video is also a reminder that Quentin Tarantino wrote the script for the original big-screen From Dusk Till Dawn, which included George Clooney’s criminal character going out for Big Kahuna Burgers while Quentin’s character killed a hostage.

We’re not entirely sure why there’s a reference to Point Break with the “Special Agent Utah” Meal, but we’re all for referencing classic 90s movies. The actual show is sure worth checking out, and so is this commercial–even though it’ll leave you hungry for something that doesn’t exist…

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