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Mark Cuban Condemns NFL As “Hoggy”


Mark Cuban NFL comments

Mark Cuban has always been someone to speak his mind about things around the world of sports. The Dallas Mavericks owner spoke up again on Sunday night saying that the NFL will have a major decline over the next decade because of the amount of money the league got in their latest television deals. In fact, Cuban said that the NFL was getting “hoggy.”

The league signed a new TV agreement to broadcast Thursday night games on CBS early in the 2014 season and Cuban thinks that the league is trying to take over every night of the week. He may have a point though. There are going to be games late in the 2014 season on Saturday nightsm as well–so there would be football games on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights.

Cuban could be on to something but there is no way that the league is going to try for Friday nights as well and Tuesdays and Wednesdays are out of the question. It is now up to the fans to see if having all these games on basically every night hurts the sport or not. It doesn’t look like they are tuning out yet.

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