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Identifying The March Madness Dances And Celebrations [VIDEOS + GIFS]


Everyone and their mother are talking about Mercer University Basketball’s senior guard Kevin Canevari and his “Nae Nae” dance. But judging from the commentary on Twitter, us white people are about six months late on this thing–apparently the dance has been popular for some time. Sorry if I’ve been too busy catching up on Psych to know what’s cool these days.

But that doesn’t mean we need to be behind on all the other dances that we’ve seen come out of March Madness so far.


Who: Kevin Canevari

When: Mercer vs. Duke postgame

Dance Name: Nae Nae


Who: Fred Hoiberg (Head coach of Iowa State)

When: Iowa vs. North Carolina postgame

Dance Name: Cyclone 2 Step / Hoiberg Hustle


Who: North Dakota State University

When: North Dakota State vs. Oklahoma postgame

Dance Name: You betchya!


Who: TJ Hallice

When: Mercer vs. Duke postgame

Dance Name: The Robot


Who: Dayton Flyers

When: Dayton vs Ohio State postgame

Dance Name: Pizza Party Dance


Who: Dayton Flyers (specifically #35 Kavanaugh)

When: Dayton vs Syracuse postgame

Dance Name: Midwest Shuffle

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