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Erin Heatherton: Check Out A Supermodel’s March Madness Bracket


erin heatherton bracket

Ever wondered how your March Madness NCAA Bracket is doing compared to a Victoria’s Secret model? Well, now you can find out–courtesy of blonde beauty Erin Heatherton, who thoughtfully posted her best bets on her Instagram account. We take some comfort in seeing that Erin has joined COED staffers in getting immediately shut out of the QuickenLoans $1 billion contest for the perfect bracket. It seems that Erin joined us in getting way too confident about the Duke Blue Devils. Too bad about her devotion to Kansas, too.

We’ll give her credit for going with Louisville, though. They’re still in the running. A lot of COED staffers bungled that one. Which also gets us wondering exactly what kind of office pool has lured in the likes of Erin Heatherton. Could there possibly be an office pool over at the Victoria’s Secret offices, with gals like Behati PrinslooJourdan DunnIzabel Goulart, and Candice Swanepoel cheering on their favorite teams while throwing coffee cups at the television?

That’s a nice thought. Sadly, we’ll never know–but since Erin has been kind enough to share her March Madness picks, the least we can do is also share some pics of Erin when she isn’t busy pondering the future of college basketball…

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