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AnnaLynne McCord on “Dallas” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

AnnaLynne McCord on Dallas

(9:00 PM EST, TNT)

Your See Her Tonight column is usually thrilled to see hot blondes in our living room–but we admit to having mixed feelings about AnnaLynne McCord settling into what seems to be a regular role on the TNT network’s reboot of Dallas. That’s because we had high hopes that AnnaLynne McCord was about to become one of the wildest gals of the big screen.

We weren’t being delusional, either. It’s true that the build babe got her start on The CW’s pretty tame 90210 reboot (which still gave us gals like Arielle Kebell, Jessica Stroup, Tiffany Hines, and Megalyn Echikunwoke), but Annalynne seemed serious serious about going on to daring work. She sure started out with some cool credits–including a scene-stealing small role in The Transporter 2 and a memorable role in the otherwise awful zombie movie Day of the Dead.

And, of course, AnnaLynne had already done some amazingly sexy work as a young bisexual nymphomaniac on Nip/Tuck, in addition to lighting up the big screen as a dedicated cheerleader in the underseen 2009 comedy Fired Up! We really thought of 90210 as a weird mainstream indulgence that would be a weird footnote to a serious actress’ career.

Instead, AnnaLynne made a brilliant 2012 horror movie called Excision that was too weird for even indie audiences, and then followed that up with a great performance in a crappy erotic thriller called Scorned. AnnaLynne also showed off a lot of star power in a hot photo shoot where she paid tribute to Brigitte Bardot. So, yeah, we’re disappointed that AnnaLynne is being wasted on a middling show like Dallas now–but the good news is that AnnaLynne has built a fine body of work, and it’s given us plenty of chances to admire her fine body…

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